GlycoFlex 1 for Dogs - (120 Soft Chews) 狗用關節營養補充肉粒 [美國直送 | 平行進口 | 最佳食用日期到 03/2025]

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GlycoFlex® 1 被獸醫推薦用於早期需要支持基本關節健康的幼犬和成犬。

它含有 600 毫克 Perna canaliculus、500 毫克氨基葡萄糖和 100 毫克我們獲得專利的 DMG。

GlycoFlex® 1 透過美味雞肝味來促進狗狗的終身健康! 

GlycoFlex® 1 is recommended by veterinarians for puppies and dogs with an early need for basic joint support. It features 600 mg of Perna canaliculus, 500 mg of glucosamine and 100 mg of our patented DMG (N,N-Dimethylglycine). GlycoFlex® 1 promotes a lifetime of healthy joints in a delicious chicken liver-flavored chew that dogs love!